Ductless Mini Split Lineset Covers Hide & Protect Cables & HVAC Pipes

Ductless Mini Split Lineset Covers Hide & Protect Cables & HVAC Pipes

As you can see the difference is impressive and it also adds another layer of protection against the elements for vital electrical and mechanical products. The great thing about SlimDuct is the fact that you can use it for all kinds of renovation applications where you can’t fish something into the wall and it needs to run some distance either vertically or horizontally on the outside of the house.

Easy Installation

SlimDuct is super easy to install. It consists of a two piece main section, a back and a cover. The back gets attached to the building with screws and/or concrete anchors. The wires, pipes, etc are placed over the cover, then the top snaps into place attaching to the bottom plate.

There are numerous starting pieces, ending pieces, splices, elbows, ells, and terminations. All of the pieces make it very easy to come up with a neat, disguised cover for almost any utility line. In the adjacent photo I attached the top starting piece to the wall, then a length of the back cover.

Installation only requires simple tools for cutting, drilling, and screwing the materials together. Another great advantage is SlimDuct can be used on wood, masonry, steel and even vinyl siding. The possibilities are endless with this stuff. It can be used to hide water lines, electric lines, cable TV lines, even water lines in some situations.

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